Paper Chemical Systems

EGM has created a line of products specifically designed to meet the demands of the paper industry. Rugged platforms with corrosion resistant materials are used to withstand harsh environments. Wash-down duty components are incorporated as standard. Plumbing is laid out in an intuitive manner allowing for easy access and simplified maintenance. Both local and remoted DCS control / monitoring is available and sheet break detectors can be incorporate to any piece of equipment. EGM paper industry systems are backed by more than 50 years of papermaking and paper chemicals experience.

Polymer Systems

Available for both liquid and dry polymer products, the EGM line of Polymer Dilution Units are well suited to applications for paper machine, liquor clarification, and waste treatment chemistries.

Dye Systems

For paper machine dye applications, EGM offers dye make-down and delivery systems for both shade control and bulk coloration. Systems can be customized to meet end-user requirements and incorporate innovative design attributes that stem from decades of in-mill experience.

Pac Feed

Designed specifically to withstand the rigors associated with handling poly-aluminum chloride, EGM PAC systems have evolved into the premier choice for handling this aggressive chemistry.

Silica Systems

With full understanding of what powerful drainage aids can do to paper machine stability, the EGM line of silica feed systems was engineered to provide smooth, pulse-free and steady flow.

ASA Emulfsification

The EGM EL Series of ASA Emulsifiers are available in seven different configurations. From the entry Level 1 system to the fully automated Level 7, all EGM ASA systems are built with years of ASA experience behind them.

Feltwash Systems

For pressing and forming fabric care, EGM has taken a create approach in manufacturing chemical cleanser delivery systems. Each installation as treated as "custom" — without charging a "custom" price. With the in-house knowledge of how clothing performance is critical to paper machine production, EGM utilizes creative equipment layouts to deliver continuous, batch-on-the-fly and batch-on-the-down systems with rugged components and intelligent automation.