General Process Systems

EGM Manufactures process feed systems incorporating a wide range of pump types and capacities. These systems can be configured to end-user specifications with regards to power requirements, control logic and incorporated accessories. With experience designing and building systems ranging from micro-flow designs that meter minute flows with accuracy to massive bulk transport units, EGM can satisfy your process and chemical feed needs.

Air Operated Systems

For applications that require bulk transport of liquids, slurries, or contaminated fluids, EGM offers a range of air operated diaphragm pumping units to provide electricity-free transport. Systems are available in a range of capacities, configurations and wetted materials. In addition, options such as mobile bases, timer packages and portable quick-connect suction and discharge hose packages round out the offering.

Booster Pumps

EGM Booster Pump Units are an ideal means to generate steady flow or pressure for water systems. The units can be purchased as individual systems, or configured in with other pieces of equipment that required stable water flow to ensure process stability. Available in both manual and automated configurations, as well as with single or multiple discharge ports, the EGM line of Water Booster systems deliver excellent performance at exceptional value.

A & F Pumps

Available as both stationary and mobile systems, EGM offers A&F Piston Pump units for metering services that demand reliability. Capable of high discharge pressures, these pumps are incorporated into EGM units that are equipped with proper plumbing, relief valves, and several configuration options to provide robust performance in a compact package.

Diaphragm Pumps

Low Flow metering applications with difficult to handle materials are a good task for EGM diaphragm pumping systems. Utilizing reputable and reliable pumps as the starting point for EGM diaphragm pumping systems, care is taken to properly size plumbing to convey metering accuracy through discharge. A multitude of control options and system add-ons, such as pulsation dampeners, mixing units, dilution lines, flushing sequences and flow measurement devices are available to complete the package.

Specialty Feed Systems

EGM can design and build feed systems to meet you specific end-use requirements. For examples of some custom designed feed equipment, visit our Custom Pump Systems Brochure.