Feed Systems

EGM feed systems are designed and built to perform reliably for a wide range of end-uses. Ranging from micro-feed systems built to meter finite additives with precision to massive, large-volume bulk transport units, EGM offers a standard list of products, as well as the ability to custom design equipment tailored to meet specific needs. With more than a decade of experience fabricating these systems, EGM not only offers a wide range of pump types and brands, but also possesses the know-how to install this equipment into a skid-mounted system with plumbing, measurement devices, electrical components and control schemes that help deliver the best performance possible.

Gear Pump Systems

EGM Gear Pump Units are available in multiple configurations with several power supply options. Ranging from simplex, low flow systems to multiplex, high viscosity units with built-in dilution loops, EGM Gear Pump Units are modular in design using premier components, allowing for flexibility, durability, and cost effective installations.

Progressive Cavity Systems

EGM Progressive Cavity Pump Units can be outfitted with Seepex or Moyno pumps in several choices of wetted materials to offer chemical compatibility to meet client needs. From ultra-accurate metering systems to bulk transfer units, EGM PC Pump Systems are engineered to perform.

Lobe Pump Systems

For higher flow applications, EGM's line of Lobe Pump Systems offer capability and reliability in a compact package. Available in multiple configurations, the EGM LP Series is an ideal choice when faced with moving large volumes of difficult to handle fluids.

Diaphragm Pump Systems

When precise metering of low flow rates fluids is required, the EGM DP Systems incorporate properly sized piping to promote accurate dosing. Available with a wide selection of diaphragm pump brands, sizes and power and plumbing options, the EGM ELF DPS Units are an ideal choice for ultra-low flow installations.

Specialty Feed Systems

EGM can design and build feed systems to meet you specific end-use requirements. For examples of some custom designed feed equipment, visit our Custom Pump Systems Brochure.